First crisis averted…..I think

Well the trip is real now, just over a week before I leave and I discovered that since moving house last week I can’t find my passport…kind of important….so I am now at the Passport Office expediting an emergency new one.

Thanks to all those who assisted in my crisis, helping to provide details for the form and also providing the counter signature needed. I seemed to be one of the few in the passport office who escaped without having to have pictures retaken or the form corrected!

I am now double checking all my other details to avoid any other last minute mishaps.

I am ready to go now though, it has been 2 weeks since I finished work. I now have my flat sorted, boxes unpacked and have prepared myself as best I can for the trip. I do keep having a slightly nervous butterfly in stomach feeling each time I think about it, but with this comes the real excitement about the experience which I am about to have.

Bring it on… once I get my passport of course which is due tomorrow!

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