Day 27, Sightseeing in Leon

Last night we had a lovey reunion dinner. Andy had arranged it as he and Sian had arrived the day before, there were 8 of us for dinner and it was great to catch up. We ate in the main square and just shared a whole mix of meals. There is a fiesta on at the moment so there was live music in the background and a great atmosphere. Sian and Andy head on again. We probably won’t see Sian again but a few of us will be meeting again in Astorga for dinner in another 2 nights time.

I had a lovely lie in and lazy breakfast today. Such a treat. Then it was out and just a relaxed day wandering around the City of Leon.

I started my morning with a Thai massage, based on advice from Sian, what a place. It is safe to say that without a recommendation I would not have gone in, but it was amazing. I have been folded and stretched into positions that I didn’t think possible. My Thai masseuse walked up and down me and used her feet, knees and elbows, sometimes it felt like all at once. She was stood in my back and asked if the pressure was OK, there was no way to get air into my lungs so she just got a gasp, which I think she took as fine! I think every part of me is now fully stretched out. I wandered out feeling very slippery and a bit like spaghetti only to find Kari waiting to go in!!

It is safe to say that this was more enjoyable than the physio appointment I had. It will be interesting to see if I get as much benefit from it. She certainly got my knee to bend more than I thought possible and gave my bruised thigh another going over. What she did to my calves I don’t know but I went in with rocks and they feel a little more normal now!!

I then headed to the cathedral. Quite spectacular, and somehow very different from Burgos. This cathedral apparently was completely built with 50 years. The stained glass is amazing, I think they said over 1,500 square meters. Where as Burgos was full of chapels, all with different architects and stories, Leon is mainly one large space. French gothic style but just amazing. Much more managed to look round.

I then sat in the square to have a salad, such a treat, and watched the world go by.

Gaudi’s Casa Botines, quite spectacular, built as a house and later used by a bank, Gaudí designed this to replicate the architecture of the Leon Cathedral in a family home. It is now a museum.

I wandered round the old town and the old walls and just tried to get a feel of the place. Whilst stunning I think I preferred Burgos overall although the cathedral here with the glass is stunning.

Tonight, Dawn was waiting at the hotel as her husband arrives for the next two weeks. John and Vivian stayed in at their hotel for dinner but Kari, George and I met in the main square for a few drinks and then went on for dinner.

It was lovely walking back after dinner. The Spanish towns come alive at night, the weather is so lovely you only need a t-shirt and there is something about being in a new town where you have just worked out your way around and just wandering back to a hotel after dinner. It is a great feeling.

I am ready to head on tomorrow.

Arriving at the hotel I had a great surprise, I had ordered new trainers to be delivered but yesterday had been advised that they were delayed until Monday and so I had arranged for the hotel to return them. When I got back I found they had arrived so I have new shoes for tomorrow. Very exciting, fingers crossed these don’t give me any blisters, last time they didn’t!

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