Day 35, Rest day in O’Cebreiro

Mass last night was pretty full. It was an international mass and they asked for volunteers from 6 countries to read in different languages . The service was very personalised for pilgrims but also a full mass. The focus was on walking the Way and what this means. At the end of mass they did a pilgrim blessing, and the priest personally hugged everyone and gave us all a stone with the Camino arrow. I have to say it was a very special mass. Robin and I had planned to go and I think since we said that mass is usually only 30 minutes, John and Anne also came. It was their first mass of the Camino.

Afterwards we headed back to my hostel for dinner. The Pilgrim menu was OK but I think the trick for tomorrow is to order their specials as there were loads of Spanish in having Pulpo (octopus) and other local dishes.

I had a good chuckle at breakfast this morning. When I checked in for 2 nights with a rest day the owner was delighted and suggested that I would want a lie in this morning so breakfast could be at 8.30am or 9am. Turns out that that is when the kitchen opens, so I suspect she was hoping that I would say 9am, looks like tomorrow will be a lie in too!!!

Before I set of walking though I took a look at the Pallozas. These are circular homes with thatch roofs which are separated into 3 areas, one for living and cooking, one for sleeping and one for the livestock. This kept the livestock safe and the family warm! They are not large for the whole family and animals, very snug and smelly I suspect!

I can’t stand the thought of really just reading and resting today, so I have decided to walk part of tomorrow’s walk today along the top where the views should be good. Today is the last day of sun and the forecast is rain for tomorrow so I may not see the views. I will just walk for a few hours and then view the church and museum.

I really enjoyed the walk today and what might be the last of the sun. As expected the views were stunning. I found the alternative woodland walk to the next village. I walked two villages on which was about 7km and then came back. After a coffee in the second village I left the cafe and almost walked into a cow!! They just happened to be sauntering past the cafe!

It was funny on the way back as I passed a couple of people who I have previously walked with and so found that I was greeted with, ‘Kate from London you are going the wrong way’.  Quite funny!!

Fab statue

Before I got back George messaged to say that he had arrived and was having a drink. I responded to say that I had gone for a walk and was still about 20 minutes away. George was horrified that on my day off I would choose to go for a walk. I really enjoyed it though. I think it would have felt odd not to walk and 14km is a relaxed and short day so it still feels like a rest day but I have made the most of the weather.

I joined George for a drink when I arrived and then went to visit the church properly whilst he went for a rest. I think since mass was so good last night we are going to go again tonight, I have obviously sold it to George who feels that he might miss out if he doesn’t attend!

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