Day 37, Triacastela to Sarria

Last night the place we were staying did not serve food but they recommended somewhere just down the road. I think it may have been the only place anyone went, there were between 150 and 200 people eating in what from the outside looked like a tiny bar!! Great though, typical Pilgrim menu but very good portions again. I have to say that I don’t know how they make money. I had a huge mixed salad, followed by a large salmon fillet with chips and more salad. George had a seafood soup, full of clams, mussels and prawns and then slow cooked chicken with chips, I then had Santiago cake and George had fruit salad, we had a 2l bottle of water and a bottle of wine and our meal was €10 each!!!

I do love the small albergue or hostels, the radiators were on, all my laundry was done and whilst it was small, after a very wet day I felt very warm and cosy!

Breakfast was leisurely this morning. It is only 18km into Sarria so I think everyone is relaxed this morning. Everyone from last nights hostel seems to be staying in the same spot in Sarria.

Sarria is the last major town before Santiago, 5 days of walking only and 110km. This is the last spot to walk from if you want the certificate of completion so numbers are supposed to swell 4x what they have been tomorrow as so many people walk this last 110km.

The walk today was way drier than yesterday, the first hour was just drizzle rather than rain which was nice and then when the rain picked up it was lighter than yesterday with heavy showers. I tried different trousers today that have not been through the wash as many times. Much better although they didn’t help with the run off from my backpack. Overall though, whilst wet I was not totally drenched. There were no pocket swimming pools not squelchy shoes so it is all good.

Today’s 18km too was beautiful, mixtures of climbs and descents but all quite short, mainly countryside and woodland, so I really enjoyed it.

Arriving into Sarria, I stopped in one of the first walking shops I saw, before the siesta break, and bought a poncho. I had sworn that I would not wear one of these but everyone seems to have one and wear it over their waterproof coat and over their rucksack. The plus is that it is so big that it stops the run off onto your back side and also protects most of your legs. So tomorrow, I might look like A giant walking poncho but at least my bum will be dry!! Happy days.

Pumpkin time

Arriving at the hotel I stopped for a beer and a relax, George joined me shortly after. With a beer you receive a tapas to go with it, very welcome, I received cream cheese on toast and a sausage, both very nice. When George ordered a second beer he received a chicken wing and another unidentifiable tapas. He tried to pass this to me, but after polling for suggestions, some of which were frankly disturbing, and none of which made the tapas any more appetising we decided to leave this uneaten!!

Unidentifiable tapas

Off to explore now!

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