Day 40, Palais de Rei to Arzúa

This place we are staying in is brilliant, they want to think of everything for you, so unexpected, they insisted that we take umbrellas out to dinner with us. To be honest the umbrella isn’t really much use but it is lovely that they have umbrellas as an option. 

Andy had recommended a place just around the corner for dinner and suggested the lamb, he was here last night. Morag and I followed instructions to the letter with lentil soup followed by the lamb, it was amazing and the wine was brilliant too. Hugh had salmon which also looked good. Very pleased we went with the suggestion, we had tried to get lamb the night before but they only had veal (not quite the same!). I have now passed the recommendation back to George and Kari who arrive today.

I did not realise but I appeared to have caused much hilarity in the hotel reception by going out to dinner in my Teva’s. Open toed sandals this time of the year and in the rain is clearly not normal. I must admit I love taking my trainers off at the end of the day and my teva’s feel amazing. Everyone was brought out of the hotel office to have a look and apparently I am going to come down with a chill tomorrow! 

The walk today was long, it felt very long, 29km of constant climbs and descents, I was very glad to reach my spot for the evening and to see that they have a restaurant so I don’t need to walk any further today. 

I was very lucky with the weather today, it pretty much stayed dry. A mix of dry and drizzle but no really heavy showers and I even saw a hint of the sun. It had been torrential overnight, biblical to use Andy’s description of the day before! Walking today it was evident just how wet it had been, many of the paths resembled small streams. Needless to say it was somewhat damp underfoot. The scenery is surprising me, it is very wooded and I didn’t expect to be walking through woodland so close to Santiago, although I suppose we are still a good way away. 

Despite the length of today, I enjoyed the walk, very rural again, but plenty of spots to stop for coffee. I held off until I had about 14km completed before I allowed myself a coffee. I didn’t pick the best spot though. Most mornings the coffee is great, today it was very small and not very warm, a little disappointing, but having said that it did give me a boost, although that might have been the banana!

I had contemplated stopping for a bit of lunch or another drink before arriving since it was a long day, but the weather kept threatening to rain hard and so I decided that I would just rather arrive and relax than risk an early stop and then rain, so I pushed on arriving about 2.45pm.

Less than 40km to go now, just two short days comparatively, both 19km each which is lovely. I am ready for a couple of days off.

Decided against exploring this afternoon but instead found a vacancy for a massage, it was just perfect, legs and feet feel a whole lot more relaxed now, ready to go again tomorrow.

Time to think about dinner now, I am starving.

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