Day 41, Arzúa to A Rua

The dinner in our hotel was great, very popular with lots of locals and other pilgrims joining for dinner. The pilgrim menu looked very much the traditional so we opted to order off menu. I had a salad and a plate of huge langustines, they were amazing, followed by Santiago tart. It was wonderful not to have to head out and find somewhere to eat tonight.

I had a leisurely breakfast this morning. I felt no need to rush since the walk was only 19km. I didn’t want to leave too late as the forecast for the weather in the afternoon was heavy rain but I also thought I would wait for full daylight otherwise I was going to arrive at the next destination very early, and I don’t think there is much going on if anything when I arrive.

The walk today was mainly woodland still, lots of Eucalyptus trees. It was very pretty. The weather though is just still wet. Again I was lucky, most of the rain was overnight so although still very very wet underfoot, it was mainly just drizzle for the walk.

I stopped for my mid morning coffee, great coffee this morning, and took a rest before heading on. As I went to leave it was pouring so for the first time since buying it, I pulled out my camino poncho! I was more impressed that I expected. It is large but it slips over everything, including my rucksack and provides full cover for everything except my feet and lower leg. 

About 5 minutes after putting it on an heading off the rain dried to drizzle again, so after another 10 minutes the poncho was back off. Still, I shouldn’t complain, it meant that it was not raining. 

The spot I am staying at tonight is a tiny hamlet, just a few custom built Casa’s and nothing else, it is about 2km from the next town. It is actually nice to be fully rural before tomorrow’s arrival in Santiago. I have the view of fields from my room which luxury has a double bed!!

The Hall of Wisdom….

Even better, the Casa has a laundry which guests can use, right next door to the rooms, and a restaurant! I am going to relax and do all my laundry before I arrive in Santiago. Morag and Hugh are in another small place about 1 minute away so we are discussing who might have the best dinner option! 

Andy, Sian, John and Ann have all arrived in Santiago today, very exciting. Sian leaves first thing but everyone else will still be there tomorrow evening, along with Andy and Wendy so I think we are all having dinner which will be great.

Shoe and boot plant pots!

I can’t believe that I arrive tomorrow, it really does not feel like I have walked 780km across Spain, I am not sure where the time has gone. Tomorrow will be a special day!

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