Day 44, Sightseeing in Santiago

Yesterday being a Sunday we found that loads of restaurants were closed so it was much harder than expected to find somewhere to eat. It was Morag and Hugh’s last night so we agreed that a Pilgrim menu was not what we wanted. However, we found a great seafood restaurant away from the main pilgrim route. The kitchen did not open until 8pm but we filled the time with a pre dinner drink.

I can’t explain but there was a band with giant chicken parading the streets!

The food was excellent, we are starting to adjust to the massive portions so Morag and I shared the starter salad since it is no huge. I had hake for my main course, I have had really good hake here. Last night was no exception although it was different as it was Galician style with a paprika sauce, with onions and peas, really lovely. To finish we were given some local liqueurs to try, coffee liqueur and a cream liqueur with frozen glasses, they were great!

It was then goodbyes again after dinner as Hugh and Morag head to Porto for a couple of days before heading back to Scotland. 

This morning, I have just enjoyed wandering all round town, both the old and new sections. I did a little shopping this morning so I am now nice and toasty with a puffy jacket and a pair of sketcher shoes since my toes were freezing, tevas might be comfy but it is a little chilly for bare toes right now!!

I headed to the Inglesia de San Francisco for mass at 12pm. This was a proper Spanish mass in the old church, really beautiful.

I just bumped into Emma and Simon from Yorkshire who arrived yesterday. They are doing a tour of Santiago today before heading back home tomorrow. It was uncanny as I had just dropped Emma a note to offer Andy’s services as a career advisor since they live close by in Yorkshire. I think she might take him up on his offer!

I am now waiting for George to arrive, he messages me about 2 hours ago when having coffee about 8km away so he must be close now.

George arrived, it was great to accompany someone into the square and enjoy their arrival. It is strange, since the whole trip is so social, to arrive on your own is a let down it is really nice to share it with someone. 

We had a couple of drinks while waiting for his ticket and then split to have a break and relax before meeting for dinner later in the day. George has decided not to walk to Finesterre but will have a couple of days in Santiago, then bus to Finesterre before a quick trip to Porto before the journey back to LA. Clearly Porto is the place to go, everyone seems to have a couple of days there! Next time.

Today is blue skies, it is a gorgeous day. The weather has changed again and the next 5 days look like they might be a little cooler but with sun. I can’t wait. Tomorrow morning I start on my last 5 days of walking, to Finesterre, (the end of the World) and then into Muxia.

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