Day 46, Negreira to Olveiroa

I seem to be the only one in the hostal part of my albergue. There are probably others in the albergue but I don’t know. I met the group of four Spanish guys again and a German lady Corine. We had a pilgrim dinner together. It was a funny evening since I don’t think any of us really understood the detail of what was being said but there was lots of laughter!

At breakfast it was confirmed, I am the only person staying in the hostel part. I ate in the dining room on my own! Good breakfast though if a little odd.

I am waiting for daylight but then I will be off. Today is 34km and with two hills to climb the longest day of the whole camino and certainly this stage. It will be an early night tonight. Overall 635m ascent and 400m descent. Still the weather is dry, not supposed to be as gorgeous as yesterday, but sun and cloud so it should be a good day.

Arrived into Olveiroa at about 4pm. Shattered. I thought by now 34km would be fine, but with the ups and downs, safe to say it is a very very long way!!

It was a good walk though. It started out climbing from the start, with more woodlands to start off. The scenery changed though and it became less wooded and more rolling fields.

The sun was in and out most of the day but it was pretty warm, t shirt for the most part of the day although I did have layers on at the start of the day and after my break for a bit.

I stopped for a coffee after about 12km in Vilaserio. It was a good spot and seemed to be a very popular stop. I recognise a number of the walkers from yesterday and there are already those who I keep passing and they keep passing me.

After my coffee I pushed on, there was still a further 22km to go. 

After I had been walking for about 20km I caught up with a couple of older Spanish guys, and since I was tiring I ended up slowing down and just following at their pace. We both kept stopping at similar spots to take photos. 

After following them for a few km, they were having a discussion together, then one of them turned to wait for me and gave me a full Spanish sentence. After explaining that I only speak a poquito Spanish he slowed down. Turned out he wanted to know what the town he could see was. I had to fish out my map to identify it as Lago. He was delighted, that is where he was staying and in his words today had been quite long enough from Negreira where we had spent last night. I explained that I was heading onto Olveiroa. He looked quite horrified and explained that this was another 10km further. Unfortunately I already knew that!!

5 minutes later, as we arrived into Lago he and his friend both shook my hand and wished me well for the next 10km. They actually said something else too but I have no idea what, probably something along the lines of crazy English woman!! Anyhow as they turned to head into their place the first chap spotted the selection of underpants his mate had hanging on his pack which I had been following for 4km, this appeared to cause great hilarity. Hopefully it was all dry!

The remaining 10km proved very long and I was really pleased to arrive. The positive of having had such a long day today is that tomorrow is only 19km and the village that I am staying in has nothing to see anyway so there is no need for me to walk another step!

Nice room though, unfortunately no bath, these seem to have been absent in Galicia, since O’Cebreiro actually, but I do have a double bed which is a treat and the shower was lovely. Dinner is served here so I don’t think that I am going anywhere this evening.

I still have not worked out what these traditional buildings are for. There have been all kinds of suggestions, I still think k my suggestion of a chicken house is good but I am certain this is not the case. This is a very large version. They are usually 1/3 of the size.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is wet. Looks like my poncho could get another airing!!

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