Day 17, sightseeing in Burgos

So laundry is done. It was interesting this afternoon. Burgos is a large town but, my first stop was the launderette, I met 4 people and knew them all! I then wandered into the historic part of town and bumped into a group who I knew and then who was in front of the cathedral but Eric, Andy, Frank and Marie. Then Gladys and Freya turned up. I went for a beer with Frank and Marie, Gladys and Freya.

I made it back to the hotel around 6.45pm to drop off my clean laundry before meeting for dinner. It is Eric’s last night so we had a quick pre dinner drink and then found an amazing spot for dinner. We had just sat down and the rest of the camino crew turned up. How is that possible, no discussion other than about different places we had planned to go!! Great night.

The menu tonight was a €14 fixed price 3 course meal including bread, bottle of wine and water. I started with fresh prawns, garlic butter and salad, followed by a slow cooked leg of lamb, then ice cream (that was all I could fit in!). Such good value and amazing food. Have I mentioned gaining weight!!

This was as big as it looks

Not only does Eric leave tomorrow (I will miss him) but so do Frank and Marie who have decided to bus into Lyon, as has the lady I met in the launderette. We will see who is still walking beyond Burgos. It is certainly a popular spot to to transfer from.

This morning was a morning of sightseeing. Even the city gate is stunning. Burgos cathedral is breathtaking. It is absolutely huge and full of history.

I started by attending mass at 10am in one of the chapels within the cathedral and then moved on to start a full tour. There was so much to take in, it was absolutely fascinating. I will just share a few of my pictures but needless to say I have loads from my hour and a half tour.

Whilst essentially gothic, within each chapel there can be a different style due to various architects and builders over the years. It is impossible not to be impressed.

After the cathedral I headed up to the castle ruins. This not only allows a feel of the height and scale of the castle but also gives an amazing view back over the cathedral and Burgos.

Amidst the historical centre of Burgos is a big city with all the normal shops and amenities that you would expect in a big City.

It does not feel as relaxed as friendly as Pamplona but it is just teeming with history and is so beautiful.

Eric had toured with me this morning but at lunchtime it was time to say goodbye. He heads off to catch a flight back home this afternoon, and I headed off to buy some water and some more toothpaste before getting ready for my afternoon/evening excursion to Santo Domingo de Silas, fingers crossed I have managed the logistics correctly!

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